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How to buy

YouTube Likes?

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on the web. Its popularity continues to rise as video content is most sought after forms of content today. Statistics also say that the age group of the average viewer on YouTube is around 18-44. It means that a highly-engaging and informative channel boosts your business like no other.

One of the ways of proving that your content was relevant to your audience is through YouTube likes. At times, it might take years to get a substantial number of likes. It is here that buying YouTube likes can be of much help to you. On InstantViews, buying YouTube likes is a simple, three-step process.

You can buy Youtube Likes easily with just 3 steps given below:

  1. Choose your Number: How many likes do you want? As per your requirements and budget, choose your package. The pricing and the number of likes included allows you to Buy cheap YouTube Likes but real.

  2. Fill the Form: Enter your YouTube URL and your email address.
  3. Make the payment:  Once you have decided on the package, select the mode of payment that is the most convenient to you. Instantviews assures you secure and safe payment options.

Why choose Instantviews

to Buy YouTube Likes?

When you buy likes, the source and quality of likes should matter. At Instantviews, you can find a reliable and safe source. The likes on your channel should add to your credibility, and that is what we offer.

More popularity

As more likes show on your content, it will attract more viewers to your channel. These likes get you further organic likes, thus boosting the popularity of the channel.


Instantviews have packages that suit every budget. More likes or less, Buy YouTube Likes cheap or opt for a large number of likes, you choose what you want without overshooting your budget.

Instant Receipt

Once you buy, the likes start soon enough. Also, the delivery is such that it never appears as the pouring of likes, but they appear organically and realistically.

Real Likes

Get authentic likes from real viewers. Instantviews ensures that the likes do not come from bots or fake accounts. You should make sure that you buy real YouTube likes or else, YouTube may flag your channel.

High Ranking

As the number of likes on your channel increases, the ranking of your channel also increases. When your channel shows up on the first page of search engines, you get more organic viewers as well. It is the high-ranking channels that are the highly successful ones, no doubt about that.

Further Organic Traffic and Likes

More often than not, a viewer first looks at the number of likes a video has before deciding to check it out. There might be hundreds of videos on a subject that you have chosen, but only the ones with the most likes get more views. Buying YouTube likes ensures that you get more organic traffic and more likes.

Key Features

& Benefits.

Simple Process

We know how harried it could be to fill in lengthy forms and details when all that you need is a few likes for your channel. At Instantviews, it is a simple, three-step procedure which will hardly take a minute or two.

Affordable Pricing

Setting out to buy likes at a hefty price can be detrimental to your business. Instantviews offer different packages and pricing. You can easily choose one that fits your requirement. Affordable pricing helps you Buy YouTube Likes easily and promote your channel in the best way.

Real Views

We do not recommend algorithm-generated views. The views you will get come from genuine accounts and not fake channels. It is always better to get real likes than fake ones because YouTube can sense bots easily. You do not have to worry about the source of likes when it is from us.

Fast Results

Buy instant YouTube likes from Instantviews for best results. Hence, you will get faster results than you expect. Since the likes come from real accounts and not from bots, the chances of getting more organic likes are higher.

Secure and Safe

Be it getting real views or safe modes of payment, Instantviews is safe and secure. We also do not encroach upon your privacy or share your details with a third party. We only work with your channel’s URL and never access passwords or any other information.

Reliable Customer Support

Before buying or after, whatever your questions you might have, we are available 24x7 to be of assistance. Email, call or chat with us to know more or to seek answers. We are more than happy to discuss your questions.

Why Instantviews is the best site?

Instantviews has the experience, credibility and loyal customers. That is why it is the best site for you to get views, likes, comments for your social media channels.

Variety of Services and Pricing

When you have different social media channels, it is imperative that you have great popularity across channels. We offer services for every social media platform, be it Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. You will also find different packages with different pricing to help you choose the best plan for you.

Excellent and Responsive Customer Support

What is your preferred mode of communication? You can reach us via email or chat or just give us a call. You can also reach customer service through live chat, in case you have a query about the best plan to choose or the ideal mode of payment.


Instantviews do not ask for passwords or personal information. We do not have any affiliation with other service providers. You can trust our service as it is safe, genuine, and 100% secure.

How to Promote Your Business Over YouTube?

It is estimated that more than 1.3 billion people access YouTube for information and entertainment. As more user-generated YouTube channels increase, more videos are added every minute all around the world. A report states that around 5 billion YouTube videos are watched on a daily basis.

All these statistics tell you one thing – your business stands to benefit the most from YouTube. Here are a few tips to promote your business on YouTube.

Customisation is a Must

Be it your channel or content, make it unique, so you stand out. Name your channel after your business or product name. High-quality images, a brief bio in the 'About' section and displaying of the logo are your customisation tools.

Release Regular Content-rich Videos

Focus on variety and relevance when you create videos. ‘How to’ videos, product descriptions, reviews, opening the box, feedback, etc., can help boost the popularity of your channel.

Use Keywords

Do research or use relevant tools to find the best keywords. The main theme of your video or the product's name or its purpose can also be the keywords. Make sure you use them in your 'About' section, in video descriptions, tags, and playlists.

Buy YouTube Likes

Ensuring more likes for your YouTube content will help attract more viewers to your channel. Buying YouTube likes is a great way to enhance the reach of your channel. The more likes your content has, the more will be the views and popularity.

Promote your Videos

Share your channel link on all your social media platforms and on your website. If you have email subscribers, inform them as soon as you have uploaded a new video.

Engage with your Audience and Network

Encourage your audience to like, comment and subscribe to your channel. Thank them when they send appreciation. Answer their queries. Engage with other Youtubers as well and comment on their videos. When you are more social on YouTube, you might also get more viewers.

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Buy YouTube Views

Buy top quality high-retention views for your YouTube Videos at reasonable prices and become a YouTube sensation overnight.

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Enhance the credibility of your YouTube Videos by adding a good number of high-quality profile views. All our transactions are highly secured.

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When you videos contains higher number of views, likes and comments then your videos automatically gets popular. Add high quality profile comments to increase the trustworthiness of your YouTube videos. Instant delivery guaranteed.

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