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How to buy

YouTube Comments?

While creating a new YouTube channel or re-inventing an existing one, you might wish to get a kick-start, such that your vision can be realised. One of the best and most practical ways is to buy YouTube comments, likes or views.

Buying comments is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start promoting your business. It is vital to have appropriate comments, which could act as a source for new users to trust your channel and know more about your work. Genuine comments that contain feedback and positive criticism will show that your business strives for improvement and constant growth. But with so many providing this service of paid YouTube comments, you need to figure out which one to rely on. InstantViews provides you with unique and real comments that will simply help you move forward with your business or channel.

You can buy Youtube Comments easily with just 3 steps given below:

  1. Choose a package: Visit the InstantViews website and look for a package that will benefit you the most. Skim through all offers and packages so that you don’t end up missing out on something that may have been valuable to you.
  2. Fill your Details: Once you select a package, you will now have to fill up appropriate details such as your name, email ID, YouTube channel URL and other necessary details.
  3. Make the payment: The last step is to complete your purchase by paying the appropriate amount using the transaction facilities available (net banking, card payment, etc.)

Why choose Instantviews

to buy YouTube comments?

When it comes to the most popular website or the most visited website on the web, YouTube comes second only to Google. On average, people spend around 4 to 6 hours daily on YouTube streaming videos. So, in this era of online and digital marketing, it is pretty much obvious that YouTube can play a huge role in your business. So, if you wish to expand your business/channel over YouTube, InstantViews is your best bet. Here is why.

Road to fame

Be it a business or an entertainment channel, the competition that you face is intense and large in number. So, if there is a way in which one might get a leap above others, what’s the problem in that? InstantViews provide the user with these kinds of services at cheap prices, making them affordable as well as effective. One can buy YouTube comments cheap and get an early recognition which in turn will drive one to achieve even further heights.

It’s a win-win deal

There are a lot of agencies out of there that provide you with fake comments and not real ones, that might end up being bad for your reputation. But fear not, that’s not the case with InstantViews. Professionals here provide you with real comments that shall help you broaden your audience and attract more people. It will also help you in improving the quality of content on your page. So, sit back and make the best of the service, for it is indeed a win-win deal.

Build Your Reputation

It is important to build and maintain your own brand reputation slowly. For that, consistency is one of the key features. Moreover, the comments on YouTube must reflect the kind of services you provide or the work you do. InstantViews provides you to buy custom YouTube comments that include all these aspects, hence proving that it is indeed the best in the business.

24/7 customer support

Good quality customer support is one of the best features that any company can offer. InstantViews provides you with 24/7 customer support. For any query or problem, you can contact our customer service, and they shall respond and resolve your issues.

Live chat

Apart from an all-time running customer service, Live chat is another provision that eases any trouble caused to the customer. Live chat is the feature where you can connect with a live chat and ask for solutions to your problems instantaneously.

Guaranteed Results

IntantViews is 100% genuine and delivers exactly what you have asked for. Moreover, there won't be any kind of delay in getting the results. As soon as the payment is made, you will receive the service that you have purchased.

Key Features

& Benefits.


I The services provided are 100% safe and in no way shall lead you to any problems. With extensive experience in online marketing, InstantViews is both safe and reliable.

Simple to use

It is no rocket science; you simply have to give the URL of your channel to InstantViews. They shall deal with the rest, providing you with genuine and real comments.


With a constantly updated privacy policy, InstantViews takes the privacy of its clients very seriously. All of your information provided to us remains safe and is not disclosed or leaked.

Abundant plans

There are a lot of plans to suit your needs. Simply put, they are not solely focused on providing you with comments, but also allowing you to make the most of the other services provided by InstantViews.

Excellent Support

They best feature is that, in case you don't find the comments satisfactory, you can always reach out. The support group will be available and will make sure that your problem is solved on the earliest priority.

Real and Active

Unlike many, InstantViews does not provide fake bot-generated comments. Instead, they provide you with the chance to buy real YouTube comments which are related to your content, and they also provide feedback for the same.

Why Instantviews is the best site?

When it comes to online marketing, InstantViews is indeed best in the business. It focuses on your needs and guarantees the expansion of your audience. Secondly, it does its job quickly and efficiently; you can literally achieve instant fame by using the services. Lastly, but most importantly, here we use the target audience approach where it helps you to grow by reaching out to the potential audience who might be interested in your work.

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Enhance the credibility of your YouTube Videos by adding a good number of high-quality profile views. All our transactions are highly secured.

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When you videos contains higher number of views, likes and comments then your videos automatically gets popular. Add high quality profile comments to increase the trustworthiness of your YouTube videos. Instant delivery guaranteed.

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